Working IN your biz or ON your biz

Working IN your biz or ON your biz

There is a big difference between working IN your business and working ON your business

Many small biz owners get caught up on the IN and forget about the ON which can result in the business not growing or succeeding.  It is an easy mistake to make – and one that many of us – including me – have made.  While it may be necessary to work in your business you need to make time to work on your business if you want it to achieve the goals that you have.

When most of us first start out we are a one woman show.  We may get help and outsource the website build or some of the bigger tasks we don’t have the skill level to do but for the most part we are the business.  We wear lots of hats – at the same time – customer service, stock , service provider, SEO, social media manager, packer, etc.  It is a daily juggling act – and necessary as there is no money to pay for others to do these jobs.  When you are a start up you usually still have time to spend time working on the business – planning, looking forward – but as business picks up we usually spend less and less time ON the business as we are too busy IN the business.

The problem is that because you are no longer investing time ON your business it will stop growing and developing and it can become stagnant.  What happens in many cases is then the business which is basically YOU has a meltdown and the biz implodes.  Then all of your hard work, time and effort goes gurgling down the toilet and you end up at square one.  The trick is to start outsourcing or employing before you hit this point so you can keep working ON your biz while someone else is working IN your biz.

Why are you working IN and not ON your biz

The two most common reasons that small biz owners give for not outsourcing are money and control.  Yes it costs money to hire someone else to do a job, and in the early days it can be a strain on your cash flow.  However, if you outsource the right tasks the monetry cost can be far outweighed by what you gain.  By picking the right tasks to outsource, particularly the ones you are not great at, or you hate doing can mean that you not only end up with the task being done better than what you are capable of, but it frees up your time to focus on the areas where your strengths are.

The harder one to get a handle on is the control.  Small biz owners say “but it’s my baby”, “I have poured my heart and soul into it”, “no-one understands my vision” – and therefore they don’t want to reliquinish any task incase it is not done “their” way.  While bringing in an outsider to the business may be scary the truth is if you find the right person and share with them about your business they make fall in love with it as well.  Then you have more people looking after “the baby”.  It is said that it takes a village to raise a child – the same applies to your biz – and if you find the right village then there will be more than just you looking after the biz, and investing time and energy into it’s success and growth.

Working IN your biz in a neccessity at the start, and is great for keeping abreast of the day to day challenges happening as well as indentifying what is and isn’t working.  Working ON your biz is how you grow, make it more successful, determine the path that you need to take and make it successful.

If you need help on the jobs IN your biz so you can focus ON your biz consider outsourcing some of the tasks. A small business bookkeeper could be the solution your business needs to succeed.

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