About Us

About Us

Why choose Brisbane’s Dedicated Small Business Bookkeeping Service?

It’s the least loved job of most small business owners – the bookkeeping! Little Biz Keeper does things differently to other bookkeepers in Brisbane. With us, you’ll not only have those annoying tasks like BAS and invoicing covered, you’ll have a Financial Mentor on your team. We work with small businesses across Brisbane and Australia to grow to their full potential.

Financial record keeping with a twist – financial mentoring and coaching included!

Your bookkeeper has accounting training and specializes in growing your micro, start up or work at home business into a profitable small business. We’ll help you pave the way for your small business to grow and develop through implementing simple, manageable financial goals.

Cut back on your accountant’s fees today – ask us how we can help you save!

The fiscally healthy, wealthy and wise alternative to a cheerleading business coach

Business Coaching is a huge expense for the little guys! Why pay for a small business cheerleader when you can get an affordable Financial Mentor who’ll help you put plans in place to grow your business. We get that you’re running your small business on a shoestring. We get that you’re your own marketing manager, designer, sales rep, administrator, boss, cleaner as well as parent, partner and friend. We get it and we specialize in working with people just like you.

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Meet Melinda, Chief Bookkeeper

“Little Biz Keeper was started because I love playing with numbers, and helping grow businesses but wanted to do it in a way that worked for me and my family. I launched a (successful) small business bookkeeping service while I study for my accounting degree. After working in the world of big business, I understand what is needed to make a business successful and able to grow, and want all small business owners to have access to that knowledge as well. I offer Brisbane businesses (and small businesses Australia-wide) the best of both worlds.”

Contact us now for a free, confidential discussion of your business challenges

If you’re feeling like you don’t know where to go next with your small business, contact us now at our Brisbane office for a free, confidential discussion about growing your small business. We can advise you on the time saving small business bookkeeping services available to you, or on financial business coaching and mentoring to help you to grow.

Little Biz Keeper is the Brisbane’s premiere small business bookkeeping and Financial Mentoring
service. Save on accounting fees and learn how to make more money. Contact us now.